Why Choose Assoc Prof Vega Vega

Assoc Prof Vega Vega has a very extensive experience and education, Bachelor in Medicine, PhD Degree and Specialist in Urology recognized by the European Community by exam in London in 1997, and Fellow of the Australian College of Surgeons since 2011.

Assoc Prof Vega Vega has a very extensive surgical experience, working as a consultant urologist since 1996 in Tertiary Centers in Europe, USA and Australia. He has more than 50 publications as a first author in Urology.Now he is a dedicated local private urologist in Rockampton, and he is the only private urologist providing major surgery in Rockhampton with a very good outcome and low level of complications, which allows the patients being supported by their families and own environment during this often stressful and difficult times.

Assoc Prof Vega Vega covers all the range of Urology with collaboration of other specialists and other centers of Brisbane (Greenslopes and Wesley) Assoc Prof Vega Vega and his family are very committed to Central Queensland community, incorporating new technologies as Minimally Invasive Surgery, GreenLight laser for prostate hypertrophy, PTNS (Posterior Tibial Neural Stimulation) and incorporating diagnostic techniques in his daily practice as flow rate, urodynamics and bladder scan.

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